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Let's "Fall" Into It!

Fall is in Full swing, whether it is formally here or not. School has started back, and people are already discussing holiday plans. This time of the year always seemed more like the start of a new year because you know, you are cruising in the summer months and then all of a sudden, the gear changes. Your are preparing, planning, and executing new schedules for school, new job, business meetings, the leaves are not the only things changing, and this is a great time for you to be impleting and embracing change as well. What changes do you want to make?

How would you like to improve certain approaches to your every day life, a family calendar for organization purposes, morning devotions to encourage mindfulness and gratefulness or inserting some wellness activities into your week? All of these examples are changes you can control and examples of implementations that could improve the quality of your day. Have you ever been running, jogging, walking and instead of going up an incline, going up a hill, you begin to go down? Rember how that momentum feels, working with you instead of against you? Well let this movement, this fall momentum work with you, be that motivation you need to implement some good change while everything is moving any way. I believe you can, I believe we can..... let’s do it!

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