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Crop Me Out

Recently at a gathering, my husband was cropped out of a picture. It was posted to a social network outlet and I saw it. I told him about the photo. I asked if it bothered him as it slightly bothered me and he gave me that “look.” Without even saying it, he told me with his eyes….”I could care less.” This makes me laugh as I am writing this. I admire his view point on human interaction and how he consistently treats people fondly even though many times, the sincerity isn’t returned.

I did not have his experience and I wanted to know why it bothered me. As I pondered upon this I did receive a revelation that was enlightening and empowering.

You see, a lot of people are self-centered. The idea that their perspective and point of view is the best, makes them feel important and self assured. The psychology of it all is quite tiring because they must work very hard at only presenting specially framed moments. Anything that does not reflect the goal of their image will be removed or “cropped” out. It is no reflection on you, your greatness or worth. Rather, it is their inability to share the moment with something that may challenge their perspective or even the image of the picture they want to be seen. I now understand why I may be deleted, cropped out, not included or overlooked. Someone else may not want me in their “picture,” but there is One that found me so exquisite, that he deemed me a masterpiece and etched out a moment in eternity just for me to be presented. So in this there is no offense taken. So the next time you are not chosen, not deemed to be the right fit, have the right look, not complimented or given “shade,” it’s ok. God has a plan and a purpose specifically for you, so enjoy your moments and let everyone else enjoy theirs….Cheers!

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