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Whew…finally I can breath! This bra is coming off, putting on my sweat pants, my favorite tank and having the piece of sweet potato pie that I saved before I told everyone to have seconds. The day came and went, but the amount of time and effort that it took to make that holiday meal should have grossed me atleast 10k (I’m just saying). I know I make it look easy…still was able to have my hair together, make-up done and the house and kids fab. I started yesterday at 6pm…preppin’, cleaning, answering a million questions. My day ended at 3am in the morning, 4 hours to sleep and pump enough milk to keep a 2 month old satisfied for at least the 1st part of the day (yeah right).The house is quiet, the hubby is watching some documentary and I am headed (ok sneaking) upstairs with my piece of pie and hot tea to watch something that doesn’t involve any type of emotional participation.There is a unique sense of satisfication as I climb the stairs and pass the baby pictures, and smell the scent of turkey and pies that still fill the house. I think I did pretty good, I think everyone enjoyed it. Will I always be suckered into the pre stress of it all? The lack of sleep, the feeling of “do I really have to ask, can’t you see how you can help?” Will I always wonder how it would feel to have another “me” in the house? How does it feel to have someone that knows what you need, try to give you what you want and bring stuff to you that they think you might like??As I sink back against my two king pillows with my pie in hand I think…”I should rent me a me.” Wow, this pie is the bomb!

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