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The Mom Factor

Portia was looking forward to turning in early this Saturday night. She had a long week, working hours past 7pm. After cleaning the kitchen after dinner she gave the baby a bath and nursed him, hoping he would fall asleep for the next few hours. As she nursed him, she felt her left shoulder stiffen, with a dull aching pain down her left arm. She began to massage her shoulder for relief. She called her husband to massage her shoulders. The pain was relieved for a while, but after she laid the baby down, she felt the aching even more. She laid down and tried to get comfortable, she knew she needed to get some rest, tomorrow would be a full day. 12am rolled around and the baby woke for a feeding. Portia was still awake, gently lifting the baby, holding him close and kissing him before nursing. She watched how he leaned towards her and rested his tiny hand on her breast. She felt this enormous feeling of necessity, with each suck the affirmation of her being a source of provision empowered her and burdened her simultaneously. As the baby fell asleep, Portia burped him and laid him down. She massaged the ache she felt in her shoulder and arm. She wondered what was causing this? She softly prayed for this to stop. 3am, still awake. Tears began to stream down her face. She needed just a little rest. In an hour, she knew the baby would be up again for another feeding. She turned on the news and sat in the chair beside her bed. She wanted to make sure she was alert enough to hear him cry. No matter what, she would be there when he needed her. It didn’t matter what she was feeling or whether her rest never came there she would be for him. As he began to stir, she immediately went to his side. Would he ever know her sacrifice, the sleepless nights …the selfless love of mom.

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