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School of Etiquette and

Social Protocol


Etiquette Instruction

The foundation of etiquette taught in childhood is priceless, a foundation for life long success.  Through interactive workshops and one on one instruction, in the areas of table manners , confidence building and interpersonal skills development, your child will gain practical tools that they will use for years to come.

Business Etiquette and Social Protocol Training

Corporate executives and management can benefit from Mommalution’s tailored industry training.  Whether the goal is to connect more effectively with one’s diverse customer community, improve one’s business communication practices or conducting yourself during a business lunch or interview; Mommalution’s Corporate training workshops or one on one training can equip you with tools to give you the winning edge.


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There are times in everyone's life when you know that a change is needed to either get to the next level or accomplish that goal you must complete. As a mom, any change can seem a bit more complicated maybe even overwhelming. As a mom of 5, Keila understands the demands on your time and energy. She can help you claim your space and guide you to the destination. Life Coaching and Interview training are two individual coaching offerings that can be offered virtually and face to face.  



From Civic and Professional Organizations to Church Groups, Keila provides specialized Group Workshops that are dynamic and stimulating. Public Speaking, Business and Social Etiquette as well as Potential Maximization Training are 3 of the most requested areas.  Multi-Sensory elements are used to capture the group's attention while making a life  changing impact.  



A certified diversity trainer and career counselor, Keila has specially designed workshops with working mothers in mind.  Providing practical tools of how to thrive in the workplace and at home. Keila can empower your employees to find the work/life balance they are looking for.  


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