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Want your bread and eat it too??  Try this gluten-free, all natural french toast recipe.  Whether you make this for your overnight guests in the morning or as a special sunday morning breakfast for the fam; you or they won’t feel a bit of guilt, only delicious pleasure! 
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Is the Tesla Modle X suitable for a family of 7? I’ve had my eye on the Tesla car company for many reasons, but most importantly, the idea of Sustainability had me at “HELLO”.  Designed from the ground up to blend the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan, as only an electric car can.
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Listen, with multiple children comes multiple interest, desires and needs.  As a parent you have to be ultimate in "people management."  In my recruiting business I was interviewing a seasoned exectutive and he told me that if you couldn't make your team better, then you were not a good leader.  As parents, we are leaders.  Whether we like it our not, we pretty much make out the course for the family's direction. Our children depend upon us to help guide them in the right path, provide them with tools of success and to cheer them on towards their goals. 
The love of life and all of its beautiful qualities are desired by all. To believe that anyone doesn’t want to be seen or created equal is quite ignorant. The black community has fought and lost initiatives to be seen equal, treated equally and have an equal voice in America for decades.
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Adaiah Stevens-Master ChefJr. Semi -Finalist  My Daughter  It is no surprise to me that my 12 year old  daughter Adaiah is astounding the judges with dishes that have amazing flavor combinations and restaurant quality presentation on this season of MasterChef Jr. The reason I am not surprised is because she does it in my kitchen EVERYDAY!! For years family and a few fortunate friends have experienced Adaiah’s and my oldest daughter Sheariah’s, culinary talent. They both started cooking at an early age. They would follow me in the kitchen, asking to help. I first started them with mixing ingredients together and watching things on the stoves. It slowly graduated to my very own Sous Chefs and now…..I could take a momcation from the kitchen and my family of 7 would still get the healthy, scrumptious meals they are used to J. Adaiah is highly efficient in the kitchen and likes to be spot on.
Is the Model X built around the driver? Certainaly the car provides a flash of artistic genius, but what about functionality? Is the X a family vehicle  with performance roots? The developers say the Tesla is a vehicle that enables Model X to perform in ways never expected from a car of its size. The center of gravity is lower than any other SUV. The electric powertrain delivers instant torque for confident lane changes, even when loaded with seven adults and all their gear.
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                                 Don’t wait to go to your                                 favorite restaurant                                  to enjoy a delicious 4 course                                  meal.  As laborious as it may seem, you                                      can actually produce 4 wonderful courses                                  with ease, simplicity and sophistication.                                   Ok, so an appetizer, soup or salad, main                                      course and dessert is the plan.  The                                  appetizer should be light and refreshing,                                  complimenting the theme of the meal.                                    Think about layering flavors on fresh vegetables, like cucumbers or lettuce.   Move on to the second course.  Most people usually go with a salad, which is great.  You can do a nice Caesar, or a nice spring mix with homemade vinaigrette. You might choose to do a soup instead.  A nice acorn squash or tomato bisque is just the thing to lead you to the podium.  The main course should be the star.  Don’t over-do it with starchy sides and heavy gravies.  Pick a nice protein and pair it with a hearty vegetable like asparagus or eggplant.  By the time you get to the dessert, everyone is satisfied; they just want to have their pallets stroked with delight.  If your choice is rich, make sure you serve it in small portions.  It is not as difficult as you think.  Try it soon and it may become something you do often!
Basmati Rice 2 cups of Basmati Rice 4 cups of Water 1tsp of Kosher Sea Salt Instructions: Rinse rice thoroughly, repeat until water is clear. Add water and salt. Place on medium heat for 10 minutes with cover off. Cook for another 10 minutes on low heat with cover on.
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Golden Corn Muffins 2 cups of yellow cornmeal ½ cup of whole wheat flour 1 large egg 1 cup of Almond Milk 1/3 cup of Agave Nectar 2 tsp of baking powder 1/3 cup of olive oil 1 cup of Almond Milk
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Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Put dry ingredients into mixing bowl.  Add egg and oil and stir.  Slowly add Almond Milk.  Lightly grease muffin pan.  Fill each section ¾ full.  Place in oven for 25-30min, or until golden brown.
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Looking for some fun activities that the kids would enjoy?  Make use of great online directories.  Below is a list of national, state and citywide directories that can lead you to that perfect destination that the entire family will approve of!
Updating for Review 2015 Model X: Tesla
Now as I’ve stated before, we’re a family of 7 and the room needed, is born from necessity. Functionallity is a must as well as ROOM. In the next few weeks I’ll give my acccessment of the glory of the Model X by Tesla. I will put the Tesla through the paces and give a review based upon a family of 7.
1. Do what you enjoy.What you get out of your business in the form of personal satisfaction, financial gain, stability and enjoyment will be the sum of what you put into your business. So if you don't enjoy what you're doing, in all likelihood it's safe to assume that will be reflected in the success of your business--or subsequent lack of success. In fact, if you don't enjoy what you're doing, chances are you won't succeed.
I’m always trying to keep on top of the latest career trends and recently read through the mother lode: 1. Keep your resumé short and succinct. 2. Create a portfolio of job-search documents. 3. Consider hiring a coach to perfect your video interview skills. 4. Dive deep into LinkedIn.  5. Use Twitter and other forms of social media to attract the attention of employers who are hiring. 6. Limit the amount of time you spend on job boards. 7. Start your search sooner rather than later.
7 Keys To A Successful Job Search
                                               As a mom, navigating through                                                the job market can be like                                                looking for the right daycare.                                                The job you are looking for                                                has to have the right hours,                                                provide the right benefits and                                                give you the peace of mind                                                that you are making the best                                                choice for your family and                                                yourself. With this in mind,                                                there are certain steps you                                                need to take when making                                                the decision of where to work.                                                 Go onsite. It is very important for you to see first hand how the day to day operations flow at your could be, future workplace. You want to get in the midst of the culture and experience the atmosphere and overall environment of the company. If driving, make the trip during morning and evening rush hour. You want to have a realistic idea of the drive time to and from work. Many interviews take place late morning or early afternoon. This does not allow you to see what travel challenges there may be. Make an economic assessment. Will the compensation reflect the needs or your family or the demand of the position. When we are investing our resources and time, it is important to feel rewarded for this. Time away from home to many moms is a sacrifice and making sure that it is worth it, is definitely “worth” it!
2. Take what you do seriously.You cannot expect to be effective and successful in business unless you truly believe in your business and in the goods and services that you sell. Far too many home business owners fail to take their own businesses seriously enough, getting easily sidetracked and not staying motivated and keeping their noses to the grindstone. They also fall prey to naysayers who don't take them seriously because they don't work from an office building, office park, storefront, or factory. Little do these skeptics, who rain on the home business owner's parade, know is that the number of people working from home, and making very good annual incomes, has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.
Prayer and a message of purpose is our greatest hope. We must believe that the God we serve will with His Just hand, turned the hearts of those who view us as less than and give us the courage that is greater than the hate that exist around us. As we survived through the atrocities of slavery, we can survive and thrive in a country that is partial and we can create within our own communities environments of hope, compassion, inspiration and self-love. Thank you to those outside of the black community that has stood for justice, even though you were not directly affected, many of you carry the Truth and stand for it. For truly ALL men are created equal. We do have a voice…our voice is in who we are, where we have come from and what we continue to accomplish….We do have a voice, actions speak louder than words.
The love of life and all of its beautiful qualities are desired by all. To believe that anyone doesn’t want to be seen or created equal is quite ignorant. The black community has fought and lost initiatives to be seen equal, treated equally and have an equal voice in America for decades. Over the years tension, frustration and fear has been stirring in a pot of contained outraged. So here we are, post Martin Luther King and pre Change.  Here we are as parents, having to provide answers to our children concerning the current state of our society and some of us perplexed by the fact that they have to be equipped with certain tools to survive and thrive that their white peers have no need for
Sitting down together each day to discuss events or topics that are relevant to each family member is important.  Giving everyone an opportunity to be heard gives each a reason to be vocal.  Feeling like you are being heard is empowering.  Strive to create a daily forum that allows this to take place.  Whether it is at the dinner table or morning devotions, this is a must when putting family first.
Project Family:
Mommalution:  Wow, those are some huge goals, how will you accomplish this? Adaiah:  My sister will be my partner, and of course the help of my mom.  Actually both of my parents will help me do these things, they support me in all I do. Mommalution:  It seems like your family is a large part of all you do. Adaiah: Definitely, my sister and I not only cook together, we write and perform music together.  My family is really close.  I can’t imagine it any other way. Mommalution: It’s great you have so much support.  Continued success in all you do Adaiah, you really are a talented Jr. Chef. Adaiah: Thank you so much!
She would rather you not eat a dish if it does not meet her standards. Even if you are pleading with her, “it really is amazing….can I please have the crumbs!” This really happened when some friends of ours came over and Adaiah was not happy with how her French Macorons “set.” The thing is, Adaiah doesn’t just like to cook things that are indicative of her culture, she has studied diverse cuisines from around the world and this pre-teen has no fear in hand pulling oolong noodles to perfectly combining delicate flavors of Japanese curry or bring bold flavors to family Caribbean dishes. Mommalution: Adaiah, what did you take away from being on MasterChef Jr.? Adaiah: I became even more comfortable experimenting in the kitchen.  It also increased my desire to pursue some culinary ideas that I have. Mommalution:  What culinary ideas? Adaiah: I would love to encourage kids to create their own healthy and delicious meals through cookbooks and a cooking show that combines good food and music, in a family atmosphere.  I also want a line of all natural, gluten-free pastries.